Most of our work in June has been underground on drains, but also some topsoil added and a water tight base to the bedroom wing.

(photo above) High Ground to East of the house cut and fill graded with first cover of topsoil


(photo above) Added fleece backed EPDM* to bedroom wing, this material provides a superior water tight base prior to establishing the green roof.

*EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. It is a synthetic rubber derived from oil and natural gas (ethylene propylene). When the ethylene propylene is combined with diene (an unsaturated hydrocarbon alkene containing two carbon-to-carbon double bonds), the flexible EPDM membrane is born. Simples.


(photos above) Bedroom wing roof looking North. You can just see two chute outlets through parapet wall. Also Cut and Fill ground beyond.

(photos above) The roof timbers and marine ply perimeter taking shape nicely!